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According to The Daily Press, when residents fertilize their yards or paint their homes, it is easy to forget that those activities can impact the local water supply. Officials with the Mojave River Watershed Group hope to convey this message during their workshop in Apple Valley.

At this event, local cities will discuss strategies for preventing storm water pollution in the Mojave River. The 40 inches of rain that reach the river each year filters into the underground basin and gets circulated before being pumped out and treated by local water agencies.

However, even a small amount of improperly disposed chemicals that runoff water comes into contact with can contaminate drinking water and make waterways unsafe for people and wildlife, MRWG officials said.

Residents and businesses should use caution when handling chemicals, especially businesses that revolve around construction, automotive repair, food service, landscaping, carpet cleaning, and industrial or manufacturing.

San Bernardino County, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville representatives will be in attendance during today’s meeting to discuss methods that have worked in the past and brainstorm new ideas for reducing stormwater pollution that enters the river.

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