California Trucking Business? Play it Safe on the Road

Truck drivers unfortunately do not always have a reputation for safe driving. Many drivers argue that tight deadlines and financial pressures force them to drive for extended and potentially unsafe periods. Does your business utilize trucks or other large vehicles? It’s vital to ensure that all drivers are made aware of safety issues. Commercial truck insurance can provide financial compensation for your vehicle should it be involved in an accident, but it can’t replace your driver. Prevention is by far the better option.

It is important to be aware of deadlines, road conditions and other hazards that may be pressuring your drivers to drive dangerously. Deadlines are unavoidable but drivers need to realize that the safety of all road users is the main priority. Check they are aware of the need for scheduled breaks for meals and to refresh. Keep abreast of weather warnings and other potential hazards that may be impacting their workload.

It’s also important to schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure vehicles are kept to a good – and safe – standard. Be sure to renew your business auto insurance, and your workers compensation insurance for all employees.

Commercial truck insurance can play a vital role in your business. To ensure it provides the correct type and amount of coverage, always read policies carefully and approach your agent where advice is needed.