Commercial Truck Insurance 101

Regardless of size, plenty of businesses feel the need for commercial vehicles. For business owners looking to purchase a truck to help with the day to day running of the enterprise, be sure to do your math. Trucks may cost more to run than cars, so you’ll need to budget wisely. You may also need to amend your auto insurance policy or purchase commercial truck insurance.

When you purchase any vehicle it pays to shop around and do your research. Look at your required usage including the products and quantity of stock that you will be moving. Smaller companies may find that a van is all that is required. Before you purchase any new vehicle be sure to check on fuel consumption, safety features, maintenance costs and the readiness of spare parts. Any work vehicle used regularly will wear at a much faster rate than a personal vehicle so it should be planned for carefully. All drivers will need a truck licence and if you have no current staff qualified, your existing workers will have to obtain their truck licence and/or you’ll have to budget for extra employees. 


Commercial truck insurance can give you financial protection if your vehicle is involved in an accident, hit by a falling tree or any number of other disasters listed in the policy. To check on estimated premiums, or any other aspects of truck insurance, make a call to your insurance agent.