Developing Quality Workplace Relationships

There are numerous potential advantages of cultivating positive relationships with your workers, including reduced staff turnover, increased productivity and an overall happier workplace. Unfortunately this is often overlooked when business owners become caught up with mundane business tasks such as book keeping and business insurance considerations.

Ways to develop quality workplace relationships:

•    Listen to your employees: Listening and valuing their ideas and input can be a significant factor in building successful employee relationships.

•    Provide constructive feedback: Although listening is important, offering useful assessments of your employees’ ideas is also important. This shows you’re interested in what they have to say and may encourage them to continue developing suggestions.

•    Keep employees informed: It’s beneficial for your employees to believe they’re valuable enough to be kept informed of key decisions, even if they’re not directly affected.

•    Be honest: You expect truthfulness and trustworthiness in your employees, so it’s reasonable for them to expect the same level of honesty from you.

Good employees are hard to find and even harder to replace, so it’s a wise business decision to ensure they know they’re a vital part of your business team. Having a happy and valued staff may also lead to fewer claims on your California business insurance policies such as your workers’ comp or even your employment practices liability coverage.