Does Your Business Cover A Lot of Ground? Check Out Our California Truck Insurance!

Every business is unique. Whether it’s the product, the size, the
operation, or the stress level—it seems that all businesses have their own
attributes that set them apart from one another. For businesses that are
involved with trucking, this is especially true. Commercial trucks log miles
upon miles every single day of every week, especially here out west where
everything is so spread out. As your company trucks are logging all of these
miles, some are bound to experience some trouble and turbulence along the way.
Whether it’s a general collision or one with another vehicle, it’s essential to
keep your company and drivers protected from any unfortunate circumstances that
may arise on the road. Thankfully, because of our focus on commercial trucking,
Massey Insurance Services offers various types of California commercial
truck insurance

  • Local, intermediate, and long haul trucker
  • Dump trucks
  • Two trucks and auto haulers
  • Dry freight, containers, lumber, and hazardous
  • And more!

At Massey Insurance Services we
do it all. Aside from our normal types of insurance coverage options, we offer a unique
array of California commercial truck insurance that is sure to be unmatched
anywhere else in Southern California. With affordable rates and reliable
customer service, our agency strives to provide you and you trucks the coverage you
can count on. Contact us today to get your business on the right track toward success!