Does your California Business Insurance Package include Liability Coverage?

Responsibly operating a small business means having the right insurance policies in place because accidents are an inevitable part of life. While a standard California business insurance policy usually provides liability coverage, it’s a wise idea to ensure that it offers sufficient coverage for your risk, because this type of insurance may be vital to the future success of your business.

Business liability insurance helps provides protection if a lawsuit is filed against your business. Typically this form of insurance helps pay court costs and legal expenses, the injured person’s medical expenses and court ordered damages. Options include:

•General or public liability insurance. This is the most commonly purchased liability insurance, usually providing coverage against injury and property damage claims.
•Product liability insurance. Businesses manufacturing a product should purchase this type of liability insurance to help protect against potential injury resulting from the use of the product.
•Professional liability insurance. This type of liability insurance is designed for those who provide a professional service such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants and many others who are in the business of giving advice or treatment.

Without business liability insurance, if a lawsuit is filed against your business and you’re found liable by a court, there may be a high risk of losing your business to bankruptcy. Don’t leave your business exposed and vulnerable – ensure you’re adequately protected with a California business insurance policy and the right type of liability coverage.