Email Advertising – Do you comply with the can-spam guidelines?

Have you recently started your own small business? While it can be a very exciting time, there are some things you should be aware of. It doesn’t matter how small your business it’s a smart idea to purchase a California business insurance policy to provide protection against theft and other unexpected events. Another factor that may be potentially crucial to the success of your business is understanding the can-spam act which details the legal guidelines for commercial email sending.

Email may be a highly effective marketing tool for many businesses and the last thing you need is to be known as an email spammer. Here is a summary of some of the guidelines you should adhere to.

•You are responsible for emails sent on your behalf. There are many services available that send out emails for you on a regular basis. Should these services be irresponsible in the way they send your emails you need to be aware that you’re still legally accountable them.
•Keep your subject line accurate. The information in the subject line should relate to the content of the email.
•Offer ‘opt out’. Your advertising emails should always clearly show an ‘opt out’ option. This may be as straightforward as a reply with opt out on the subject line.
•Your location. Your email should contain a valid address such as a post office box, a street address or a legitimate mail receiving service.

Protect your venture with California business insurance and follow the can-spam guidelines and you may be on the right path to helping your enterprise flourish. More details on the can-spam act may be found on the Bureau of Consumer Protection website.