Employ the Right People for your Business

Although opening a new business can be exciting, it usually requires many tasks to be completed before the doors open, such as purchasing California business insurance, setting up security systems and interviewing job applicants. Employees can be a business’ greatest asset, so it’s vital you get it right.

The size of your business and your area of expertise should determine how many employees you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. Start a list of the specific skills necessary for each particular job. For example, a meticulous, orderly person would be suitable for an administrative position, whereas a sales position would better suit a person with exceptional people skills.

You’ll need to write an accurate and detailed job description to attract suitable applicants. A quality job description should include job title and objectives, tasks and duties, location and equipment, qualifications and a salary or pay range. Job descriptions are necessary for employees to fully understand their expected roles, but they shouldn’t be viewed as a contract and can be written with future flexibility in mind.

Although small businesses often don’t bother doing background checks on potential employees, it should be a consideration. Did you know if an employee harms or steals from one of your clients and is found to have a criminal background, you may be held liable and sued? You probably have liability coverage in your California business insurance policies, but lawsuits can involve vast amounts of money and loss of business reputation and are best avoided if possible.