How to Increase the Security of Your Business

Take a moment to think about the business records, legal documents and cash found inside your business. Your California business insurance may help pay for the replacement of items that are destroyed or stolen in an unexpected event, but the inconvenience and problems that the loss of important documents and records can cause is enormous.

Here are some steps that may help make your business more secure:

•Installing quality deadlocks to all external doors may sound too simple, but deadlocks are an excellent thief deterrent.
•Implement a key control procedure so you know exactly who has possession of keys to your business.
•Install a quality alarm system so if your external deadlocks are bypassed a loud siren is triggered. Consider installing an alarm that also alerts a security monitoring company.
•A video surveillance system not only improves your overall security it can also be useful in providing evidence if a theft or attack does occur.
•Depending on your type and size of business, assigning a floor marshal may be a worthwhile security measure. Part of a floor marshal’s job is to approach unknown visitors and ensure they have a legitimate reason to be on your business premises.

When you do increase the level of your business security, remember to inform your California business insurance provider or agent. Lowering the risk of a security related claim being made against your insurance may allow you to be eligible for a discount on your premiums.