Pet Insurance!

Pet Insurance!

Did you know that Massey Insurance now offers Pet Coverage through Safeco?

You can choose between two types of coverage: Complete Coverage and Accidental Coverage.

Complete Coverage gives you the peace of mind that your pet is covered through accidents, illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions, and behavioral issues like anxiety or compulsive behavior.

Accident Coverage gives you the peace of mind should your pet ingest something, be bitten, have a cut or broken bones. While, this coverage is more limited, it still helps immensely with those costly vet bills.

With these plans you can choose which vet you would like to use, and be reimbursed 90% of the cost of your vet bills. With low deductibles and affordable monthly payments, pet insurance is a must have for those beloved members of the family.

If you want to get your pets policy started, give us a call today! 800-447-8467

Electric Logging Device Rule is on its way!

Electric Logging Device Rule is on its way!

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule deadline is fast approaching on December 18th, 2017. Truckers who have an ELD in their rig must also follow the supporting documents requirements on this date as well.

Your ELD streamlines record keeping. Drivers who use ELD must submit at least eight supporting documents for each 24-hour period that you are on duty.

The five categories of supporting documents include:

-itineraries, schedules, or similar documents that show the start and end of each trip.

-dispatch records, trip records, or equivalent documents

-Expense receipts

-Fleet management system communication records.

-Payroll records, settlement sheets, etc.

Tolls do not count toward the eight document cap.

As a MIS customer, we want you to be informed about what this rule means for you! If you’re a Progressive Customer and are interested in a FREE ELD, give your agent a call today! And of course if you have any questions of how this rule will impact you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you know what to do at the scene of an accident?!

Do you know what to do at the scene of an accident?!

Many times in the heat of the moment after an accident, you become confused with what pieces of information you might need to file a claim. We at Massey Insurance want to help you if this were to ever happen to you, and put together a video with some helpful tips!

Is Renter’s Insurance really worth it?

Is Renter’s Insurance really worth it?

So you’ve just moved into a new apartment, and your landlord requests that you have a renters insurance policy. As someone who has rented many times in their life, an insurance policy for renting an apartment sounds like an unnecessary cost. BUT, it really isn’t, and here are some reasons why!

Just because your landlord has property insurance DOES NOT mean that your belongings are covered! So if your dwelling were to catch on fire and you don’t have any insurance on your items inside, you’ve essentially LOST all of those items.  If you have a renter’s insurance policy, your belongings will be covered!

What if someone slips and gets hurt at your place? Your renter’s policy covers medical expenses for that person.

What if termites descend upon your building and you’re forced to stay somewhere else in the interim? Your temporary living expenses are covered under your renter’s policy!

Your policy will also fill coverage gaps. Meaning, if you leave your cell phone in your car overnight, and it is stolen out of your car. While you may think your auto policy will cover that, it most likely won’t because auto policies don’t cover contents, BUT your renter’s insurance does!

Now many people assume that renter’s coverage is an unnecessary added expense, which is actually not true. Renter’s policies are very affordable! Don’t believe us? Just give us a call for a quote, and we’ll wow you with just how affordable renter’s insurance is.

Homeowner’s Insurance: What’s covered and how does it work?

Homeowner’s Insurance: What’s covered and how does it work?

Attention all homeowners! Do you know what’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy? We bet you didn’t know that ALL of your personal property is protected by your policy. A lot of insurance agents like to say that homeowner’s insurance covers pretty much everything and the kitchen sink! But, what does that really mean?

For example is that computer that fell overboard on your cruise in the Caribbean, covered by your homeowner’s insurance! Did lightning strike your house? Covered by your homeowner’s policy!

Now how much exactly do you get for said overboard computer that went swimming in the Caribbean? If your property is covered under actual cash value coverage; the cost to replace that computer is the replacement cost MINUS depreciation. Meaning you will be getting a price you would find on a resale website, or a garage sale.

If your policy has replacement cost coverage, your insured property is usually covered for what that computer would cost to buy new.
Which does your policy cover? Call your agent to find out! Isn’t having extra protection for things your possession outside your home, worth having a great homeowner’s insurance policy?

Have any questions about what YOUR policy covers? Call us today and we can help you find out!

Toll Free 800-447-8467

Local: 760-843-1938

Ready SB County: The best app for an emergency situation!

Ready SB County: The best app for an emergency situation!

Here at Massey Insurance, we always want our clients to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. But, one of the issues we constantly face is where can we go to find all the information and items we need during one of these disasters?

The County of San Bernardino has stepped up and released an app that will help you with these needs: READY SB COUNTY.

The app is easy to use, and extremely functional. When you first log in, you answer five simple questions and the app will create a customized emergency supply check list, just for you.

It will also alert you with push notifications of any emergency situations in your nearby areas. In the event of disaster, there’s an integrated message system that allows you to send an instant update to your personal emergency contacts of your status.

It also offers: evacuation routes with live traffic patterns, shelter locations, how you need to plan for multiple types of disaster situations, and a handy resource list with shelters, county departments, fire stations, and more.

The best part? The app works WITH or WITHOUT connection to the internet and is the first app of its kind in California!

To download your app for android:

To download for Iphone:

What do auto insurance limits really mean?

What do auto insurance limits really mean?

We’ve all been there, talking to an insurance agent about getting a new auto policy when the dreaded question is asked, “What type of limits would you like to have?”  Most of us don’t know what this means and need it explained, well we’re going to do you a solid and not only explain what limits are, but how different types of limits can benefit you.

First let’s explain what car insurance coverage limits are: They are the maximum amounts of money that your insurance will pay out if you make a claim.

So, let’s say you injure someone and their passengers in an accident. Most states have minimum amounts required for liability insurance. Most often you will see property damage and bodily injury listed as a split limit.

Split limits, while sounding scary, are very easily broken down.

For example the minimum liability that a California driver is required to carry is:  15/30/5.


$15,000 maximum paid out for bodily injury for a single person in an accident you cause.

$30,000 maximum paid out for bodily injury per accident, but no more than $15,000 for a single person in an accident you cause.

$5,000 maximum paid out for damage to the other party’s property.

Emergency Kit!

Emergency Kit!

It’s the holiday season and many of us will be on the road in the coming weeks. Have you ever thought about what you would do in an instance if you were to be stranded somewhere far from home? In addition to an emergency plan it is essential to have an emergency kit, and for your convenience, we put together a little video on what items you need in the event of an emergency.

Measure A Series: Part 5

Measure A Series: Part 5

This information is the fifth in a series brought to you by, Massey Insurance Services. At Massey Insurance we want our clients and neighbors to be aware of ways to further save money while striving to ensure you have protection against all possible eventualities.  You never know when you might need help!

Apple Valley residents, did you know that each of your 3 local fire stations has only 3 firefighters staffing it at any given time? These firefighters work 48 hour shifts, running calls at all hours of the night. Most often they are able to have their full four days off after their 48 hour shift, but what happens when someone is sick?

What most often happens is one of the people already working on shift is force-hired to work that sick individual’s shift. That means there is the possibility that your fire and rescue help has been working for 96 hours straight.

That means that they have been running to emergencies during the night for the past four nights in a row, not getting a full night’s sleep. That loss of sleep can result in slow reflexes and decision making in emergency situations, which affects YOU.

If the proposed fire tax is passed this November 8th, 2016 there will be enough funding from that tax to hire 5 new full time firefighters in addition to opening those two closed stations.  This means that there will be more people who can cover those shifts when people are sick, so you are receiving the best emergency help you possibly can.

So please, for your safety, and the safety of others, make sure you vote yes on this new Fire Tax come election season. Safety has never been so affordable!

Measure A Series: Part 4

Measure A Series: Part 4

This information is the fourth in a series brought to you by, Massey Insurance Services. At Massey Insurance we want our clients and neighbors to be aware of ways to further save money while striving to ensure you have protection against all possible eventualities.  You never know when you might need help!

Citizens of Apple Valley, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Two of our local fire stations are closed due to taxpayers voting down a measure during our last election cycle. This means that on average it’s YOU who has to wait longer for the help you desperately need.

Did you know that the Fire District Budget is funded by 63% property tax with that money coming from .001% of assessed property taxes? Another 28% comes from measure V a special measure assessment.   Did you also know Measure V is set to expire in 2017, with NO additional funding to replace it? Meaning if the Fire Tax on this November’s ballot does not pass, our fire department will cease to exist as we know it.

The Apple Valley Fire Protection District is a special district, meaning it is governed by an elected five person board. This district is NOT funded by the State of California, County of San Bernadine, or the Town of Apple Valley. Meaning truly, the AVFPD receives ALL of its funding through the above mentioned taxes.

As an all risk district, the AVPFD responds to: all types of fires, all medical related calls, traffic collisions, hazardous material responses, technical rescue responses, and public assistance requests.

Right now the Fire District is operating with only three working stations, covering 206 square miles of our town. If the Fire Tax passes in November, this will increase to FIVE fully functioning fire stations, meaning less wait times for you or a loved one to receive dire medical attention and transport.

The estimated total cost to the tax payers if this tax passes? $126.90 PER YEAR.  So please, help us and YOU out by voting yes on the Fire Tax on November 8th, 2016.