Keeping Commercial Truck Insurance Premiums Down

There are many reasons why your commercial truck insurance premiums may increase. A lot of the time it’s out of your hands, but there are some things you can do to improve the chances of keeping your premiums low.
•Ensure your credit score remains high. Many insurance companies now include your credit score as part of their risk assessment process. Some insurance companies believe a person with a poor credit history may be a less careful driver.
•Check potential drivers’ accident history. Only allow drivers with an exemplary driving record to drive your trucks. Because you may have to list all possible drivers and their driving history on your insurance application, an employee with a poor driving history may increase your premiums. A driver with a poor driving history may also place your truck at greater risk of an accident.
•Safety and maintenance compliance. Most truck drivers are familiar with the Department of Transport roadside inspections but did you know insurance companies may review this information when determining your insurance premiums?
•Have a safety policy. Implementing a quality safety policy may help your drivers be more aware of safety issues.

A truck is a huge investment, and in many cases may be responsible for your livelihood, so it’s crucial you protect it with the appropriate insurance. Commercial truck insurance may be costly, but it’ll cost you a lot more to replace or repair an uninsured truck.