Making a Successful Online Video

Placing a video on your business website can go along way towards creating interest in your products or service. However, there are key elements that may help make your online video as successful as possible. Remember to include any business video equipment in your California business insurance policy for protection against theft, fire and other unexpected events.

• Keep it simple: Keep in mind too much complex information may turn people off, so stick to everyday language in your video. Dialogue, graphics and props should all be kept to a minimum.

• Keep it short: Although there isn’t a strictly recommended time limit for a business video, keeping it no more than three to five minutes is probably a smart idea. When you want to get across more information than five minutes worth, consider making more than one video.

• Educate and inform: How-to and instructional videos usually attract customers who are interested in your products or service. Another consideration is dropping your FAQ page and presenting them in a video format. This could be particularly useful for products that are intricate or detailed, and have specialized instructions.

Always remember the people who are likely to be viewing your video are your target customers group, so communicate with them in a manner familiar to that particular consumer group. Depending on your product or service, you may be using your video equipment off your business premises, so be sure your California business insurance extends to off premise protection.