Measure A Series: Part 1

This information is the first in a series brought to you by, Massey Insurance Services. At Massey Insurance we want our clients and neighbors to be aware of ways to further save money while striving to ensure you have protection against all possible eventualities.  You never know when you might need help!

High Desert residents, your homeowner’s insurance premiums WILL be increasing, and not just in small increments. Some residents who are up for renewal have found that their premiums have increased by as much as $500.00 annually in Spring Valley Lake.

One of the main causes of this rate increase is your local ISO protection class rating. Ratings are determined by your local fire department’s quality and water supply systems. This translates to: fire stations being fully staffed, fully equipped, and CLOSE to you.

Unfortunately, for the high desert proper, that is not a reality. In Apple Valley alone, there are only 3 full time fire stations covering 206 square miles of territory. The average citizen at any given time of the day could be 7 minutes away from fire protection and medical help.

Our town does not have adequate funding to keep ALL of our fire stations open and fully operational. Meaning that MULTIPLE fire stations in large areas are either standing empty or not functioning 24 hours a day; meaning the average citizen is NOT close to a fully functioning fire station.

But, there is hope! The fire tax, A, will appear again this voting season on November 8th, 2016. This tax will reopen fire stations that are closed, hire more fire fighters to man those stations to better serve and protect YOU. For $126.90 a year, you can be safer with more coverage from your local fire departments, saving you HUNDREDS of dollars on your insurance premiums. Please vote YES ON A.

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