QR Codes May be the Next Big Thing in Mobile Marketing

Over the last two or three years, QR or quick response codes, have become familiar to people who use social media. Although they’re still evolving, there may be considerable potential for QR codes to help increase future income for many businesses. A QR code is a small square that looks a bit like an aerial view of a maze. Commercially, it is usually positioned on the main label of a product. Once scanned by your smart phone, you’re taken to a custom mobile landing site that conveys information related to the product or company. These incredible new business concepts and techniques may create new risks and liabilities, so remember to regularly review your California business insurance with your insurance agent.

Here are two ways QR codes may potentially be used in the future:

•Restaurant menus. Zap your smart phone over the QR code next to your choice and you may be provided with a list of the ingredients, where they were sourced and how they are prepared, along with a breakdown of the nutritional qualities of the dish.
•Business cards. You can keep your business card uncluttered and professional on the front and offer additional information by means of a QR code on the back.

Although these functions aren’t fully developed yet, not too far in the future QR codes may become a valuable form of rapid, convenient information gathering. Who knows, maybe someday your California business insurance policy will come equipped with a QR code.