Ready SB County: The best app for an emergency situation!

Here at Massey Insurance, we always want our clients to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. But, one of the issues we constantly face is where can we go to find all the information and items we need during one of these disasters?

The County of San Bernardino has stepped up and released an app that will help you with these needs: READY SB COUNTY.

The app is easy to use, and extremely functional. When you first log in, you answer five simple questions and the app will create a customized emergency supply check list, just for you.

It will also alert you with push notifications of any emergency situations in your nearby areas. In the event of disaster, there’s an integrated message system that allows you to send an instant update to your personal emergency contacts of your status.

It also offers: evacuation routes with live traffic patterns, shelter locations, how you need to plan for multiple types of disaster situations, and a handy resource list with shelters, county departments, fire stations, and more.

The best part? The app works WITH or WITHOUT connection to the internet and is the first app of its kind in California!

To download your app for android:

To download for Iphone: