Small Business Budget Marketing Ideas

Keeping your small business competitive when you’re on a limited budget may be difficult, but not impossible with a few key measures. While it goes without saying that a solid business plan and the relevant California business insurance policies might aid long term survival, some inexpensive marketing tactics might give you a boost in the short term.

•Business cards. All businesses should have a ready supply of business cards to hand out whenever and wherever possible. Try using the blank back of the card for promoting your products or service.
•Email. Make a point of collecting email addresses and sort them into categories such as past customers and potential new customers, then occasionally send out advertising aimed at each group. Be sure you have a clear opt out option, so as not to be seen as a spammer.
•Thank you notes. Allot time each week to thank customers who have referred someone to your business. This is a personal service where small businesses may have the upper hand over larger enterprises.
•Samples and freebies. Most people love receiving a free item. It doesn’t need to be expensive; a pen with your business details printed on it may be gratefully received.

Promoting or advertising your small business doesn’t need to be a costly or complicated exercise. Common sense, consistency and attention to detail may be all that is needed for your business to have an advantage. Never forget that appropriate California business insurance may help you to maintain that advantage should things go wrong.