The Dangers of Driving While Using a Cell Phone and why need our Commercial Truck Insurance!

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Commercial truck insurance has been around for more than one-hundred years, but the risks associated with driving are always changing. We live in the technological age, and technology has been both revolutionary and detrimental to road safety.

No one can deny the many amazing advancements in car safety features, but technology has also been a major factor in accidents caused by distracted drivers, especially for truckers according to USA Today. This in turn affects insurance costs.

Using our clues, you might have guessed that we’re talking about: the cell phone. Using a cell phone while you are driving greatly increases your chance of having an accident. Your insurance rates can also take a hit if you cause an accident while using a cell phone. Drivers whose minds are not completely on the job of driving are dangerous drivers, and insurance companies are not too fond of motorists who are at-risk behind the wheel.

The simplest and best form of advice is to not use a cell phone while operating a vehicle. If you must take a call while driving, pull over safely and then pick up your phone. Although hand-free sets have been designed to eliminate the physical disruptions to driving, even talking while driving takes your mind off the job. Texting is particularly dangerous because you are taking your eyes off the road, mind off the job, and hand off the steering wheel. Never text while driving under any circumstances!

The cost of a ticket for using a cell while driving is hefty, but the cost of higher commercial truck insurance premiums for your company might also hurt – and if you were to cause serious physical injury while driving distracted, you could be living with guilt forever. It only takes a split-second lapse in concentration for things to go horribly wrong on the road!