Why Does your CA Business Need Liability Insurance?

Small business owners in CA have many day-to-day tasks to content with. Keeping things ticking along smoothly and keeping everyone happy as well as being productive and profitable may seem an endless task. The demands on your time can sometimes be overwhelming. One thing you can do to help protect your enterprise is purchase the appropriate and adequate business insurance portfolio. This may include coverage for different types of contingencies such as:

•    General Liability coverage – covers defense of claims of injury caused about by products or services.

•    Property insurance- coverage for theft, fire etc.

•    Business Owners Policy (BOP) – this may cover things such as business interruption, vehicle and liability.

•    Auto insurance – for any business owned vehicles.

•    Professional liability – this allows for defense of claim for damages due to professional services you have provided.

Your insurance agent can discuss in detail the requirements your particular business needs in California. Every business is different and tailoring your insurance package specifically for you can save you money. It can also reduce the risk of a certain situation not being adequately protected. It can provide you as a small business owner with security knowing you have correct coverage, leaving you with more time to dedicate to the day to running of your business.