With California and the Rest of the West’s Never Ending Interstates and Landscapes, Commercial Truck Insurance is a Necessity for Businesses!

The West is filled with vast landscapes and a never ending system of
interstate highways that stretch from Seattle to San Diego, from Los Angeles to
Denver. The West is unique in that because everything is so spread out, we have
to cover longer distances to get places as oppose to the East Coast where
everything is much closer. Longer distances apart means more driving which
means more need for protection. If you’re a business owner that operates with
commercial trucks, you need to start considering the risks and dangers that the
open roads of the West contain. Listen, anything can happen on the road no
matter how experiences and qualified your drivers are. All nighters, hazardous
roads, and other motorists are all risks involved with transporting cargo across
thousands of miles of landscapes. If your business heavily relies on commercial
trucking, then you ought to be considering commercial
truck insurance
 in order to save you and your business the hassle of
dealing with collisions, claims, and liability. Commercial truck insurance
protects trucks of all sizes, including:

  • Dump trucks
  • Tow trucks/auto haulers
  • Dry freight, lumber, hazardous haulers
  • Local, intermediate, and long haul truckers

At Massey Insurance Services
our knowledge and experience in the trucking industry has made our name well
respected in the state of California. A commercial truck insurance policy not
only protects your business from collisions costs, it also keeps you out of
harm’s way if anyone were to file a liability lawsuit against your company. Our
agency is committed to providing companies with commercial trucks the
protection and safety they need. With this economy, no one can be too careful,
including you. Contact us today and we’ll get you started immediately!