Working on a CCIP

Congratulations, you just won a bid with a large general contractor!  The project you are working on is a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program, CCIP, and the general contractor will be footing the insurance bill.  This doesn’t mean, however, that you can forget about your own California business insurance.


Enrolling into a CCIP can be confusing at first, but the benefits are enormous when it comes to your General Liability, Excess Liability, and Workers Compensation.  General contractors who purchase these programs for their subcontractors are able to obtain millions of dollars in coverage for any accident that may occur at the work site.

As a subcontractor, you will still be asked to show proof of insurance, especially for Auto Liability.  Since the general contractor is paying for onsite coverages, he or she will verify that your company is covered elsewhere.

Building a name for your company is greatly important, and working with general contractors will get your name out there.  Having the right California business insurance for your company is also an important tool for your company.