Yes on A!

Dear Valued Client,

We wanted to bring to your attention a very serious issue that is affecting home owner’s insurance rates throughout San Bernardino County. Due to multiple local fire stations being closed and not in operation, this is negatively impacting what determines your home owner’s insurance premiums.  Many of our own customers have seen their policies increase by 3 times the amount they paid last year. The average increase in policy rates have been between: $400-$1600. We are urging everyone in the community to vote yes on A this coming election season, as this will allow for more fire stations to re-open and will allow more citizens to be closer to an operational station, thereby lowering their insurance premiums. If you vote YES ON A it will only increase your current property tax by $59.88 per year, versus paying $400-$1600 in insurance premiums per year.

If you would like more information on how our current fire protection plan is not enough, please


Your friends at Massey Insurance Services