Home Based Business Line of Coverage


home office insurance
  • Do you have a home based business like LuLaRoe, Scentsy, Perfectly Posh, or Oragami Owl? Did you know that your inventory in your house is NOT covered under your home owner’s insurance policy? Luckily with the emergence of home based businesses, the insurance industry now offers Home Based Business Lines of Coverage.
  • Most of these policies cost less than a few hundred dollars a year, but cover up to $100,000 worth of inventory AND $1,000,0000 liability coverage. Meaning you can throw all the in home parties you want or have hostess parties at customer’s houses, and if someone slips and falls, or a fight breaks out over a pair of leggings, any damage caused is covered under your policy.
  • Also- if your inventory is stolen from your property, a fire breaks out and destroys everything, or you have water damage to your products, this is all COVERED under your home based business coverage. Want more information? Give us a call today!


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