Worker’s Compensation Insurance


  • Being a business ourselves, we know the importance of the proper coverage for your business and its employees relating to workplace safety. In the event an employee is injured at work, the proper worker’s compensation insurance can alleviate the risk of financial loss or criminal charges filed against your business. Because California has specific requirements for business owners regarding worker’s compensation, our experts at Massey Insurance will find the right policy to cover your business.
Business people negotiating a contract.

- California worker’s compensation is acquired as a separate policy. This insurance policy can provide coverage for your company and your employees as regards medical expenses, lost income or wages, rehabilitation costs, death benefits and more.

- A large part of your company’s business requires a significant staff of employees.

- To insure you and your business against costly lawsuits and employee claims, Massey Insurance will invest its experience and knowledge in a worker’s compensation insurance policy providing coverage that will benefit you and your company.


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