Life Insurance


  • The possibilities for life insurance coverage may seem overwhelming at first. Our dedicated team of life insurance professionals can find you the right plan or even mixture of plans to suit your needs. Several life insurance options are available for consideration. Contact us today to discuss what would be ideal for you.
  • Several life insurance options are available for consideration. There is Term Life Insurance which as its name implies will cover you for a period of your life. The premiums can be lower for higher coverage than other policies.
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There is no cash value involved and the rates can change after the term expires.


Then there is Whole Life Insurance which is permanent protection for your whole life. It can build equity and carry cash value. Its premiums are higher but can prove to be more valuable in the end.

  • Because of the complexity of life insurance and its options, we, at Massey Insurance, using our extensive knowledge of the various facets of life, look forward to helping you make the right decisions concerning your life insurance policy.


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