California Business Insurance for Business Advisors

Those who advise others for a living have a unique responsibility to ‘get it right’. Rather than some occupations where a mistake may impact only your own business, professional business advisors and consultants have the added responsibility of affecting other businesses in the course of their profession. A mistake or inadvertent error that causes another company to lose clients or money may place you at risk of being sued. California business insurance is vital therefore, for anyone who advises others professionally.

Standard business policies include a degree of liability coverage. Should you be sued, this may provide financial assistance to cover court costs and related expenses. Professional liability insurance (also called errors or omissions insurance) is a specific policy that may be pertinent for professional advisors. It’s also possible to take out an umbrella insurance policy, which provides more extensive liability coverage for those whose occupation may place them at greater risk.

There’s plenty to consider when you advise others professionally, and to make sure you have the most appropriate California business insurance for your particular needs, it may help to speak to an insurance professional. Always feel free to phone your agent or even ask for an insurance representative with particular liability expertise.