Measure A Series: Part 5

This information is the fifth in a series brought to you by, Massey Insurance Services. At Massey Insurance we want our clients and neighbors to be aware of ways to further save money while striving to ensure you have protection against all possible eventualities.  You never know when you might need help!

Apple Valley residents, did you know that each of your 3 local fire stations has only 3 firefighters staffing it at any given time? These firefighters work 48 hour shifts, running calls at all hours of the night. Most often they are able to have their full four days off after their 48 hour shift, but what happens when someone is sick?

What most often happens is one of the people already working on shift is force-hired to work that sick individual’s shift. That means there is the possibility that your fire and rescue help has been working for 96 hours straight.

That means that they have been running to emergencies during the night for the past four nights in a row, not getting a full night’s sleep. That loss of sleep can result in slow reflexes and decision making in emergency situations, which affects YOU.

If the proposed fire tax is passed this November 8th, 2016 there will be enough funding from that tax to hire 5 new full time firefighters in addition to opening those two closed stations.  This means that there will be more people who can cover those shifts when people are sick, so you are receiving the best emergency help you possibly can.

So please, for your safety, and the safety of others, make sure you vote yes on this new Fire Tax come election season. Safety has never been so affordable!