Cargo Insurance – Are You at Risk of Exposure?

When you are in business for yourself, either as an owner/operator or a larger fleet, you run the risk of losing all you have worked so hard for by one careless assumption in regards to your Cargo coverage.  Many Cargo insurance policies have what we refer to as the “unattended” clause.  What does this mean to you?  Let’s say you are hauling a load of laptops and while on the road, nature calls.  You pull into the truck stop to fill one tank and empty another.  While away from your locked, unattended truck, someone comes up and kindly relieves you of your truck and trailer and all of the laptops.  Chances are, your Cargo policy will not cover the theft of the laptops because you left your truck and trailer “unattended”.   While a little on the melodramatic side, this story could be your reality if you are not aware as to what your policy does and does not cover.  Our specialty in the truck insurance industry can help you avoid this nightmare.