The Importance of Insuring your Trucking Business

If you run a small trucking business and operate under your own authority there may be specific commercial insurance policies you should consider. Bear in mind, insurance laws concerning trucking businesses vary between states, and also during the course of carrying out your business duties you may cross from one state into another, so it’s crucial you understand the trucking laws that relate to your business.

Here are some insurance policies you may need to purchase in order to operate your trucking business:

• Truck cargo: This coverage helps cover the cost, if all or part of your cargo was lost or damaged due to theft, fire or accident. When you consider the possible cost of some the cargo you haul, then this coverage becomes almost a crucial requirement.

• Physical damage: If your truck is damaged due to your involvement in an accident, or another unexpected event, this type of coverage usually helps cover the cost of repairs.

• Liability: This coverage usually includes bodily injury liability and property damage. Typically it helps pay for damages you may potentially cause to property and other people while driving your truck.

Remember, before you make your final insurance decisions, find out if there are insurance laws relating specifically to your trucking business. By choosing the most appropriate coverage, you’re not only financially protecting your business, but also your livelihood.