Consider Fleet Insurance if you have Four or More Business Vehicles

A typical California business insurance policy does not include coverage for vehicles used for business purposes, so vehicle protection needs to be purchased as a separate policy. Should you have four or more work vehicles, fleet insurance may be a worthwhile consideration.

While fleet insurance may have many advantages, a significant one is having all your work vehicles insured with the one policy rather than handling individual policies for each vehicle, which may be confusing. This means if you have two vehicles used for business travel and two vans used for deliveries, they may be insured with fleet insurance under the one policy.

Of course, the cost of fleet insurance may vary between businesses. The condition, age and the mileage of your work vehicles may be taken into account when determining insurance rates. A fleet insurance policy covering a mixed lot of vehicles may be more expensive than the cost of insuring vehicles that are the same make and model. Each driver’s experience and driving history may also be factored into the cost. However, a fleet insurance policy may still be better value than purchasing individual policies.

Remember, a fleet insurance policy only provides coverage for vehicles not the goods they may be transporting – but there are options if you need this coverage. Discuss the many benefits of fleet insurance with your local California business insurance agent.