De-cluttering your Home Office

Protecting your business with California business insurance is always a wise consideration, but unless your business is successful you may not have much to protect. Regardless of the type of work you do, if your office area is untidy, visitors and clients may assume your work ethic is also disorganized.

When it takes extra time to wade through stacks of papers to find an important document, it’s a waste of your valuable time that could be better spent generating money. Consider purchasing boxes in different colors for documents you regularly deal with, such as invoices and contracts, rather than using difficult to see labels. For valuable papers you need to have within reach, consider document size stackable trays, again you could use different colors for identification purposes.

Initially organizing documents into a filing cabinet can be a chore, but once it’s completed it may save you a lot of time. Only keeping current documents in your filing cabinet may help keep it as neat as possible. Documents which are unlikely to be needed in the future, but need to be kept for tax purposes should be boxed, clearly labeled and stored out of your office if possible.

A tidy office may help boost your motivation and your productivity along with improving your clients’ and visitors’ first impression. Bear in mind important documents that you don’t need every day, such as your California business insurance, should be securely stored in a place that is easily accessed.