Insurance Information for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner? It’s likely you’ve work long and hard to achieve your business objective. The next step is financially protecting your business with the right insurance coverage.

There are many types of coverage available to small business owners, and you’ll need to assess your business risks in order to select the most appropriate policies. Property coverage protects your business property, premises, physical structure and inventory from disasters including theft, fire, windstorm and some perils.

Business interruption provides insurance protection for your cash flow if your business operations were temporarily disrupted by an environmental disaster or internal crisis that is covered by your policy. In a society where lawsuits are commonplace liability insurance is another wise coverage for any business to have. This type of insurance may help pay for the costs associated with injury claims from customers harmed while on your business premises.

In the state of California workers’ compensation is required by law even if your business only employees a single person.

Because certain areas of California are prone to flooding and earthquake, coverage for these possible disasters may also be worthwhile considering. Bear in mind earthquake and flood insurance must be purchased as a separate policy. Our agent can tell you more, so call us for information or to arrange quotes for your business insurance.