Is Renter’s Insurance really worth it?

So you’ve just moved into a new apartment, and your landlord requests that you have a renters insurance policy. As someone who has rented many times in their life, an insurance policy for renting an apartment sounds like an unnecessary cost. BUT, it really isn’t, and here are some reasons why!

Just because your landlord has property insurance DOES NOT mean that your belongings are covered! So if your dwelling were to catch on fire and you don’t have any insurance on your items inside, you’ve essentially LOST all of those items.  If you have a renter’s insurance policy, your belongings will be covered!

What if someone slips and gets hurt at your place? Your renter’s policy covers medical expenses for that person.

What if termites descend upon your building and you’re forced to stay somewhere else in the interim? Your temporary living expenses are covered under your renter’s policy!

Your policy will also fill coverage gaps. Meaning, if you leave your cell phone in your car overnight, and it is stolen out of your car. While you may think your auto policy will cover that, it most likely won’t because auto policies don’t cover contents, BUT your renter’s insurance does!

Now many people assume that renter’s coverage is an unnecessary added expense, which is actually not true. Renter’s policies are very affordable! Don’t believe us? Just give us a call for a quote, and we’ll wow you with just how affordable renter’s insurance is.