Homeowner’s Insurance: What’s covered and how does it work?

Attention all homeowners! Do you know what’s covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy? We bet you didn’t know that ALL of your personal property is protected by your policy. A lot of insurance agents like to say that homeowner’s insurance covers pretty much everything and the kitchen sink! But, what does that really mean?

For example is that computer that fell overboard on your cruise in the Caribbean, covered by your homeowner’s insurance! Did lightning strike your house? Covered by your homeowner’s policy!

Now how much exactly do you get for said overboard computer that went swimming in the Caribbean? If your property is covered under actual cash value coverage; the cost to replace that computer is the replacement cost MINUS depreciation. Meaning you will be getting a price you would find on a resale website, or a garage sale.

If your policy has replacement cost coverage, your insured property is usually covered for what that computer would cost to buy new.
Which does your policy cover? Call your agent to find out! Isn’t having extra protection for things your possession outside your home, worth having a great homeowner’s insurance policy?

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