Keeping your Clients Happy and Safe

It’s long been a mantra of business leaders to ‘keep clients happy’. Keeping them safe may not be the first thing on any business owners mind, but it’s equally important. While California business insurance can help to keep your business dwelling and contents financially protected, it’s up to you to look after any client, or member of the public, that visits your workplace.

It’s essential to have a clean and ordered work environment, free from clutter that could pose a hazard to anyone walking through the premises. In the event that a client is harmed after tripping on a cable or being hit by a falling box from an overcrowded shelf, they are fully within their rights to sue you. While it’s certainly not good practice to cause injury to a client or potential client, getting sued could be even more damaging. When you have sufficient liability coverage as part of your business insurance, you may be covered for court costs and required damages payment but your business reputation could still take a beating if the incident was serious. Where you are required to hold onto client or customer possessions (a repair shop for instance), it’s also important to check that your insurance policy covers you should these items be damaged or stolen.

Good security measures and solid occupational health and safety practices will help keep your business safe for everyone. Implementing security and safety measures may also help you save on your California business insurance. Give our agent a call for further advice.

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