The Cost Involved with Recruiting Workers in CA

When starting a new business in California, the ‘to do’ list is probably extremely long, from purchasing business insurance, to hiring new employees. In the rush and bustle, be sure you understand the possible costs involved with hiring employees, before you go ahead and schedule interviews.

•    Recruiting expenses: Even if you utilize online job boards and forums you will need to spend time researching and locating sites, developing job descriptions and reading and evaluating responses. While there may not be a cost in terms of money, it may be considerably expensive in lost productivity.

•    Training: Depending on your area of business, new employees may need to go through comprehensive and potentially expensive training before they’re ready to be productive.

•    Set up costs: Do your employees need individual computers or desks and chairs? What about lockers and uniforms, do you have any?

•    Salary and benefits: Keep in mind that if you want quality, loyal employees, you must offer a competitive benefits package.

Hiring people to help operate your business may be far more costly than you originally thought, so take into account all aspects of hiring before contacting potential employees. Having a workforce will also affect your business insurance choices, as you are likely to require workers’ compensation insurance.